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Everything you always wanted to know ...

I'm a Computer Engineer specialising in Corporate Desktops and SOE design.

I was born in South Australia, but have chosen to live in Chiang Mai.

I don't do Whatsapp.

I like watching Thai Boxing.

I love photography but specialise in Travel and Portrait Photography.

I'm active and like to walk.

I don't like fish sauce very much (at all).

I plan to travel through Asia and in particular, every country in South East Asia.

I'm going to go to school to learn Thai (or maybe not).

I've been known to enjoy a cold beer or two.


A Farrang (falung) View on the Land of Smiles


I love all of Thailand, but Chiang Mai is where I've chosen to make my home.

I'd like to share what it is that makes Thailand special for me.  I am an expat, but unlike many other expats I've come into contact with, I've embraced the differences between my native and adopted culture.  Thailand is, for me, a special place and for the most part the people are friendly and welcoming with a ready smile.


You will find the bulk of my content from the Chiang Mai link but interesting and relevant content that is not Chiang Mai related can be found on the site.

Why did I relocate?


While I love my home country of Australia, and all the good things that go with it, the cost of living is quite high.  I'm a self funded retiree which means I receive no "pension" from the government.  I have to survive on the money that I have in the bank.

Thailand is affordable, full of beautiful places and people and, best of all, it's so different from what I've had all my life.  The exchange rate is good most of the time so I can afford to live more comfortably and for longer in Thailand.

Thailand also has an "edginess" that stops it from being boring.  Couple that with my desire to build a lush tropical garden with many beautiful orchids (a retirement hobby) there was really no other choice.


Why did I choose to build this Site?


I'm a computer guy and it's a bit of a hobby. 

I wanted to share my discoveries.  Not just the good stuff, this is not a travel sales pitch, but also the differences that can annoy me or make life a little difficult. 

You'll find humour, insight, warnings and other information that you may find useful. 

You will also get the opportunity to read or ignore my thoughts as I lay them out in my blog. 

If it gives me a chance to help someone by sharing my experiences, then that's a welcome bonus. 

Feel free to leave feedback or requests for other information and content via my contact me page.

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  • Festival Information
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